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Metallic yarn show a magnificent feeling

Gold and silver thread is< and http://www.asmepdf.com/ silver wire + polyester or rayon yarn twist into filaments. Mainly used for embroidery and craft accessories! Widely used in handicrafts, fashion, embroidery, gift < and other industries and weaving yarn, yarn, knitted fabric, warp knitting fabric, woven fabric, clothing accessories, decorative cloth, sofa cloth and other products processing, is Plastic food containers with lids an ideal lining ACTS the role of raw materials. The processing of woven cloth and clothing, appear elegant and generous, noble and gorgeous feeling.

metallic yarn manufacturer dongyang Bai Tan warp/weft wire factory existing staff one hundred people, mainly produce high quality gold and silver,  products. With gold and silver silk industry best management and technical personnel. The factory size of existing machinery and equipment more  than two hundred sets, with a total of more than 40 production lines, daily output for a total of five tons, the products are widely used in textile, knitting, handicraft, ribbon, etc.