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How to wash with metallic yarn inlaid fabric

Textile embedded in gold and silver silk, is to use polyester thin film in vacuum spray with aluminum powder, and then through protecting layer, and then after cutting and made . In addition to the silver, and gold, red, green and other colors of gold and silver silk and a red, a green double color gold and silver silk, are in a vacuum before cutting after painting. Gold and silver inlaid silk  http://www.quickdowncode.com/ long fancy suiting, have a plenty of directly embedded in the fabric woven with gold and silver with gold and silver silk and silk long yarn twist into figure, spinning lines and woven. 
Embedded in the fabric after gold and silver silk, can strengthen the flash effect and wearing resistance. How gold and silver Plastic food storage containers with lids inlaid silk clothing dry cleaners to washing? This kind of clothes washing just like other clothes washing method can't ~ of gold and silver inlaid silk flower has a long dress dry cleaners cleaning and maintenance the same as the general long fiber, avoid is used a boiling water when washing, appropriate USES cold water or warm water, with no more than http://www.ipdfstore.com/ 50 ℃ advisable. After washing should be put in the shade to dry, must not exposure in the sun. Generally don't need to be ironed, wet cloth pad on the fabric, temperature not too high.

There is a little dry cleaners to remind, it should be noted that due to the fabric embedded in the gold and silver silk, one thousand hang loss lines, this material must be used scissors to cut open, and not by hand, or because of gold and silver wire retracted, tear after can cause wrinkles on cloth of gold and silver silk, affect beautiful. metallic yarn